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Ruh Hali:

Arrow Atatürk and Galatasaray

The efforts to make Atatürk "a fan of a club" have always resulted in vain because of the truths in the history. Only a few people won the title of "leader" in the life of the nations, and "belong to the whole nation". It is wrong to take these people from the belonging of the nation and put into some specific communities by oral expressions of some people without any documents. These people are above the others, communities and groups with their characteristics. Saying otherwise does not give people and groups a priority but it opens deep wounds in the community. Knowing this fact, real "leaders" act carefully in not to join to the formations of which they are not the founder or one of the founders or which doesn't embrace the whole community. Mustafa Kemal is one of these leaders that we have to pay some attention while talking about him in this respect. The relationship between Atatürk and the Galatasaray community became concrete with his visits to Galatasaray Lycee on 2 December 1930, 28 January 1932 and 1 July 1933. Metin Toker, who was one of the "dinosaur" journalists that we cannot see these days and whom we lost a short while ago, says: "No other lycee grasped the interest of Atatürk like this. Galatasaray was not only "a window of Turkey opening to the West", but also a milestone of laicism, which was one of the important, or maybe the most important reforms of Atatürk. Like Military Academy, Military School and Civil Services School which are not ordinary schools, Galatasaray is not an ordinary lycee, either". A Universal Love Celalettin Som, student number 956, tells the universal love that the Galatasaray community feels for Atatürk in a striking way: "I was in the seventh grade of the Galatasaray Lycee. We were in the class that was looking to the front yard, next to the principal room. We could hear all the noise coming from the Beyoglu Street. Our first class was French and our teacher Monsieur M. Journé was giving a lecture… Then suddenly all the noise went away… The sound of the wheels of the streetcar echoed in our ears like a sad scream… M. Journé gave up the lecture and began to cry with his head between his hands… The day was 10 November 1938 and it was five past nine… Atatürk had died." This was the universal love felt for a universal and supra - communities statesman.

His first visit to Galatasaray Lycee The political and social conjuncture between Turkey and the world in 1930 was very active. Atatürk made visits to various cities and after coming back to Istanbul he visited and checked some schools. The official magazine of the state, "The Historic Magazine of the Month"
(Ayin Tarihi Mecmuasi) writes about these visits as follows
(volume 23 - 24, issue 79 - 81, page 6630 - 6631): "3.12.1930: The esteemed President left the place by automobile at two o'clock and visited the Military Academy, Civil Services School, Military School… and then Galatarasay Lycee… In the Galatasaray Lycee, the Esteemed President signed the visitors' book of the library, talked with the principal in his room about the general position of the school and about the students. Then the Esteemed President joined the lectures of spelling, painting and foreign language and got lengthy information from the principal of the school". Now, let us put the dry language of the state aside and listen to information about this visit from Haldun Taner, who is an important name among modern storywriters and playwrights, who has an incredible writing skills as well as giving our literature humor and power of observation and who is also a graduate of Galatasaray Lycee: Affection of Easterners towards Legend "We were eighth or ninth grade. That is, the year was either 1930 or '31. There was an incredible excitement in the school. They were painting the stones and plastering the ruined parts of the building. They told that Atatürk would come. The principal gave each class three copies of "Civics", whose publishing was not yet finished. The students were saying, "I wish he would come to our class", but the teachers were praying for the opposite… I looked at Atatürk, he was standing with one of his typical postures that we had seen in his pictures: Two fingers of his left hand were in his upper waist pocket, his head was leaning slightly towards the front, he was looking around with his famous expression under frowning eyebrows. He was listening to the principal. Why do we, as Easterners, always make everything a legend? I heard from reasonable people saying that "No way to look at him! There is no way to look into his eyes. It is okay to look up until his chin but if you raise your head a little bit further, your eyes are dazzled as if you are looking to two big projectors, you feel strange things happening to yourself". Since I heard these, I couldn't look at face. All I could see was his watch chain, his waist, two fingers of his left hand in his upper waist pocket, his starched collar and a little bit of his chin… that was all. But I was just a kid and something inside pushed me. I told myself "It is not important whatever happens" and I raised my head and looked at his face. No dazzling, no strange things… There was nothing happening when you looked at Atatürk. Even the principal could look at him. Even the teacher could look at him. These eyes catch everything The projectors, the lightening… all were just a story but I must say that his look was different from anybody else's. His eyes were looking to somewhere but seeing much deeper into the place he looked at. The first analysis that I made with my childish mentality was that "these eyes catch everything, my dear friends. This man cannot be cheated or misled. He cannot be afraid of any babble. He is a totally different person who doesn't need to learn for knowing, he knows what he knows and senses the things which he doesn't know immediately"… As Atatürk was about to leave the school, we were in the yard. He said something to the people with him and then suddenly entered into the crowd of students. He was walking with us and the people with him were following us behind. We began to walk towards the giant gate of the school where both wings opened widely. Atatürk was moving forward with pride and a smile on his face and with both his hands in his pockets of the jacket. There were thousands of people were waiting outside of the giant gate. The police had a difficult time controlling the people. At least ten or twenty heads were reaching out of each of the apartments across the street to see Atatürk. When they saw Atatürk, they began to applaud him. We joined them as if we remembered to do something that we had forgotten. Atatürk got into his automobile… In the evening study, it became apparent that our two "smart" friends ran away from the school with the help of that crowd. I couldn't remember whether the principal punished them or not, but I guess their little adventure in Beyoglu was not punished because of the importance of that day. That was not such a big deal, was it?" Second Visit Mustafa Kemal Atatürk honored Galatasaray Lycee with his presence during a tour he was taking in Beyoglu on 28 January 1932. He watched a play in the historic Tevfik Fikret Convention Room and praised the students who took part in the play. Niyazi Ahmet Banoglu writes this visit in his book "Atatürk's Life in Istanbul". Third Visit Atatürk visited Galatasaray Lycee for the third time on 1 July 1933. The great leader, himself, joined to the Baccalaureate Examination that the secondary school students were to take from history - geography - civics lessons and he asked questions to the students. He came to the school with Presidency Clerk Hikmet
(Baydur), first aide - de - camp Celal, aide - de - camp Şükrü and Cevdet and Teacher Afet Hanim, visiting the principal in his room. After talking with the principal Tevfik Bey and teachers, he entered the examination room. From the memories of Ilhan E. Postacioğlu, we learn that the student in the exam was Ahmet from Bandirma when Atatürk entered the room. Later Osman
(Okyar), son of Fethi Okyar who founded the Free Party
(Serbest Firka), was accepted into the room. Atatürk asked Osman to give his father, Fethi Okyar, his regards when Osman was leaving the room. Every student in the school heard this in a very short time and this aroused a great pleasure. Some of the questions Atatürk asked the students were as follows: first war of Atilla against Rome, the difference between the Sevr treaty and Lousanne treaty, Hitit civilization, comparison of étatism and individualism, the Malazgrit War, questions on religion and laicism, on Spanish peninsula, on the Mudanya armistice, on the first contact of the Turks with Byzantines, on referendum and voting, etc. Examination lasted till the late hours of the night and Atatürk left the school with a great satisfaction. The principal of that day, Tevfik Ararat talks about his impressions from that day: "1 July 1933 is the most important day that Galatasaray Lycee has ever witnessed. That day, Atatürk stayed in our institution five hours and 15 minutes and behaved so kindly to exam nine of our secondary school students who entered in the history - geography - civics lessons of the graduation examination. From now on, Galatasaray Lycee will make these examinations on the same day every year in order to remember and to live the excitement of that unforgettable day every year. This article was compiled by Metin Pinar from the following books: "Galatasaray from Yesterday to Today
(prepared by Vefa O. Semenderoğlu - Osman Tamburaci), "History Baccalaureate before Atatürk"
(Ilhan E. Postacioglu), "It was raining in Sishane; Caliskur in the moonlight"
(Haldun Taner), "Atatürk and Galatasaray"
(Committee for Celebration the 500. Anniversary of Galatasaray), "Documents belonging to the Galatasaray History: I
(1868 - 1933)
(Orhan Koloğlu) We owe thanks to Galatasaray Magazine.


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