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Ruh Hali:

Standart Snoop Dogg ~ Think About It

Snoop Dogg ~ Think About It

Yeah man...

"You know it's easy to talk about.. doin somethin
but when it comes down to the action part, the most folks take a little
light vacation"

[Snoop Dogg]
Mmmm.. I was just thinkin to myself man
Y'know this Blue Carpet Treatment record is deep to me
And I need to let my peoples know how deep it is to me
On some real talk like...

It's like lookin and poppin and seein whoppers and movers
Despite a Guidant, I try to be hard on the low
Nobody's guidance so I decided to sleep by the do'
Open my mind try to slip inside my grandpa's fo'
Driftin off into another stage of life
Nigga paid ya price and big homies made ya fight
Niggaz ain't wanna see ya nigga be-bop, no
Toe for toe, I beat a nigga down to the flo'

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
Incredible, forgettable, better blast, past, to move the mind
Many men were eradicated by music minds
Open ya eyes and take ya time to visualize
And once ya decide to move ya mind in due time
It's so erotic, if it ain't exotic, it's gettin naughty
Freeze and groove, get rowdy, rowdy; girl move ya body
It's melodic, I'm bein honest and modest
You done fucked off my whole rap flow, think about it

[Snoop Dogg]
Fuck that nigga, I'ma do it right
Thangs ain't movin right, I don't think that you would like
for me to be mad, saying, "Niggaz can't stand me"
Sittin at home, watchin motherfuckers at the Grammy's
Wishin I was there, naw nigga I don't wish no more
I'm the big cat, fish in the bowl
Basically you hear these rappers out here using my flow
They need Snoop on they song to make they shit official though
In dismissible, police a nigga, modern day KMI
Takin my time, chronolizing my rhyme
Writing my rhyme, tryin to get intellectual
Directing the weather, makin my negative records more intellectual
Tryin to change the direction of flowin
And sayin, born sayin, "You know I get live-er when I get fluent"

Ain't been nobody to change game since King came
Same thing, same lane, hit it and ya get banged
Word to Rob Bass, just make the music dope
Thangs don't change man, it's so remarkable
And they don't know how to do it 'cause they don't flow that way
Go that way, roll that Jay
Roll my tape and take me back the day you were phony
You're so into what ya doin but you can't get into it
You can't talk and now ya ruined but y'know I'ma do it
And now you doin it, they booing like, "You blew it! You blew it!"
I'm dippin through the universe, make 'em move the verse
Through the Luda-verse, hit the boota first
You can never beat a hoe, lemme show you how to treat a hoe
If you likin me, follow me, you so believable
(So...) Got a way to get his own music out
Record executive, bounce ballin and actin bad
Take my time, with my.. great mind
Take 'em out, make mine, kicked about it
Thanks to niggaz who might make it illegal
And not rival the Beatles, and rock, rockin my peoples
And fly, fly like eagles been doin the shit like liters
And hittin y'all with heaters and walkin in my Adida's
I continue to bust, then I switched up to chucks
Givin niggaz a puff, still givin it up
Beanie Sigel what up? Real niggaz is up
On the scheme with my team, yeah Daz and Kurupt


[Snoop Dogg]
We bust 'til we buss 'em up
(Lay Low), I know they told you not to fuck with us
Layin and playin, and sayin man, walkin in vain
Anxious for fame, my nigga tryin to walk in my lane
And tryin to.. walk in my shoes but they just don't fit
You couldn't spit the shit that I spit 'cause I'm the shit
And this is it, legit, let's split the chips
And fix, and move the work and hurt that bitch
I'm through with this! [crowd cheers]


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